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The Thick Bottom Banger has a 3mm bucket floor, so it takes a little more torch time to get hot, but the extra quartz holds on to that heat for much longer. It will keep your oil bubbling into vapor even for back-to-back rips. You can pull a dab, enjoy it, and the Thick Bottom Banger is still warm enough to put off more dense clouds without reheating. It also has a flat top for your carb cap to rest on, forming a good seal between the two.

All Great White North bangers are 100% pure GE semiconductor-grade fused quartz. They're built to handle extreme heat. The buckets are 20mm in diameter and the walls 2mm thick. They are 14mm male (the industry standard) plus the frosted joint finish keeps the banger securely on your rig. General maintenance is easy, use a Q-tip to sop up any leftover oil that you don’t want. Try to avoid overheating, but any crusty stuff can soak in alcohol and scrape off easily. It may take a little practice to get your technique down, but soon you’ll be pulling thick and terpy dabs every time you light the torch.