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Our new Jet Stream Carb Cap sits cleanly on top of any of our quartz bangers (and most other 20mm bangers), forming a nice seal to carb your dabs. This piece also has a unique advantage. Airflow is directed at an angle out of the bottom, so it points into the corner of the bucket between the floor and wall. Gently set your Jet Stream Carb Cap on the bucket's top rim and rotate, aiming the airflow to push puddles of oil around. It is perfect for easily and efficiently vaporizing all of your concentrates and minimizing waste.

Carb caps are very important to dabbing for a couple of reasons. Capping your banger limits the amount of oxygen inside the bucket. This makes the concentrate vapor thicker, giving it more flavor and punch. They also help the banger retain heat for longer, which is perfect for big rips and getting those yummy low-temp dabs that we all love so much.