Arizer - Extreme Q - Dry Herb Vaporizer

Arizer - Extreme Q - Dry Herb Vaporizer

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- Multi-Purpose (Dry Herb & Aromatherapy)
- Pure Convection Heating
- Precise Digital Temp Control
- Fast Warm Up Time
- High Quality Ceramic Heating Element
- Easy to use & Easy to clean
- Food/Medical Grade Components
- High Quality Boro-Silicate Glass Pasrts
- Convenient Remote Control
- Audio/Beep Tone
- Adjustable Auto Shut-Off Timer
- Quiet 3-Speed Fan
- Cool-Blue LEDs
- Displays Temp in Celsius or Farenheit

Balloon System
Fill Balloon Bags with Thick & Tasty Vapor.

Whip System
3' Whip with 360 swivel action for cool vapor & easy sharing.

Glass Aromatherapy Dish
For convenient room refreshment and aromatherapy.